Various oskido's church grooves - the third commandment

“The US$1 notes are not to be used but kept in your wallet or purse. They will bring more money to the people but to only those who have faith.

Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter WHILE many charismatic church leaders are known to acquire wealth through siphoning money off their flock in various ministries ...

I grew up in Bikita and assisted my parents herding the family livestock until I was ready to go to school at Pamushana, the DRC mission school for primary education in Bikita. I then went to Solusi for Junior Certificate. After completing Rhodesia Junior Certificate, I trained as a teacher at what is now Mutare Teachers’ College and taught in Manicaland for several years before I was recalled by my father to serve in our church schools. The honorary doctoral degree I was awarded by the University of Zimbabwe was in apparent recognition of my efforts in education and social development. Glory be to God for that recognition because I have dedicated my life to serving the Lord our God of Zion in my position as leader of the church.