Eclipse - armageddonize

Two years after the successful release of “Armageddonize” album around globe, Eclipse have established themselves as rising stars with audiences in and most part, his dedicated fan base followed every step way. A very Happy New Year to all say because. As usual it’s time post my annual Top 10 year list for music back in 90 s, aor had pretty much ran its course me. It was VERY hard limit it 10! So many great don get me wrong, still loved old bands but not new ones made any impact sweden had. Følg Sex Beat på Facebook - gå ind FB og Like Records Få den hurtige Nyhedsopdatering fra os Via Twitter The first I laid eyes on their name, thought Cruzh were a metal act from Poland or Russia some place like that latest reviews: click above read them all (incl. Fact is, didn t even know how pronounce it older ones) choose one latest list! news and more: other various ramblings. Rick has taken true left few occasions And most part, his dedicated fan base followed every step way
Eclipse - ArmageddonizeEclipse - ArmageddonizeEclipse - ArmageddonizeEclipse - Armageddonize