Michael miguel - body - soul - spirit

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Miguel was 20 years old when he first challenged the liberal institutions established after the 1820 revolution , which may have been part of a wider strategy by the queen. [11] He was at the head of the counter-revolution of 1823, known as the Vilafrancada , which erupted on May 27, 1823 in Vila Franca de Xira . [12] Early in the day, Miguel joined the 23rd Infantry Regiment, commanded by Brigadier Ferreira Sampaio (later Viscount of Santa Mónica) in Vila Franca, where he declared his support for an absolutist monarchy. He immediately called on General Pampluna (later Marquis of Subserra) to join him and his cause. The general, not a fan of the liberal constitution, obeyed his summons and within five days he controlled the insurrectionary forces. [13] The prince, supported by the queen, went so far as to demand the abdication of the king, who, faithful to his earlier oath, wanted to maintain the 1822 Constitution, despite the growing support for absolutist forces in Vila Franca. [14]

Michael Miguel - Body - Soul - SpiritMichael Miguel - Body - Soul - SpiritMichael Miguel - Body - Soul - SpiritMichael Miguel - Body - Soul - Spirit